Try using Simon Sinek Start With Why approach to get

Those grounds have evolved over the years. 1970 was the first year Summerfest was held at the now Henry Maier Festival Park. At that time, it was only on 15 acres of land and was a far cry from what we call Summerfest today. They are ignoring the opinion of NATO and other nations that are party to this agreement.“ In point of fact, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Sweden jointly said they „regret“ Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Open Skies Treaty, calling on Russia to return to compliance with the agreement. Allies that are parties to this European agreement.“Trump’s ability to sow that kind of discord among NATO allies is unquestionably appetizing to the Kremlin. Earlier this week, experts on the Russian state TV show The Evening with Vladimir Soloviev discussed Russia’s preference for Trump’s re election, as opposed to the candidacy of former Vice President Joe Biden.

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