(The police are enforcing the one hour limit

The news stories chronicle the conviction as if it is entertainment, sometimes every move is covered to the point that the trial is handled with the importance of a national election. What happens in the life of the person 5 and 10 years later is usually not considered „news worthy“. If they make any mistakes, well we throw them back in the same prison and maybe the news.

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wholesale jerseys New Zealanders aren allowed to drive except in emergencies and can only be out of the house for an hour a day, to get exercise or to buy essentials. (The police are enforcing the one hour limit, Nick says.) At the pharmacy, only one customer is allowed in at a time, and clerks retrieve the goods from the shelf and put it in a bag, so customers never touch anything until they return home. The wait to get in the grocery store is usually around an hour, and if customers don have mask and gloves, they don get in.. wholesale jerseys

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