Stanford also finished 11th in men’s indoor track

As it is, Alberta forfeits billions of dollars in lost royalties and revenue because there no infrastructure for getting large volumes of oil to overseas markets where buyers pay more.Gwyn Morgan: Talk about ‚collusion‘: How foreign backed anti oil activists infiltrated Canada’s governmentCanadians are realizing foreign groups sabotaged our energy economy for no good reasonTerence Corcoran: The ugly pipeline war is no accident. It was the planCanadian producers are stuck selling into the United States for whatever they get, but if Alberta is ever going to complete a new pipeline or extend an existing one, it needs a premier who has the courage and the ability to stand up to the Rockefellers and bring the Tar Sands Campaign to an end. Interests to the tune of billions.But now, sad to say, it is clear to me that Notley will never do what is necessary for any Alberta pipeline project to go ahead.

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