I’ve had a combination happen to me

The second I tried BODYARMOR I was interested in partnering with them. I liked the taste and I loved that there was no artificial ingredients. Then I learned that Kobe [Bryant] was heavily involved and I have been a big fan of his for a while, so it seemed like a great opportunity to get involved.

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The exhibit will be on display until April 24 during normal library business hours. In the Heritage Room. The lecture will focus on remembering the witness of faith of the martyred priests, and the larger story of the Chinese Catholic witness of faith.

I think they trying to make a statement. It was a big win, to be able to do it in that fashion tonight. Padres rookie manager Jayce Tingler: squared the ball up and they made a heck of a play. Most often these ideas come when you least expect it, so make some record of it. Some people get great ideas in dreams. I’ve had a combination happen to me.

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