Everyone in cold climates knows „cotton kills“ but

The biggest cold weather thing is that the idea of layering is NOT just so you can wear more clothes, but so you can trap air in between layers and wick away moisture that keeps you cold. Everyone in cold climates knows „cotton kills“ but this isn’t common knowledge to everyone. It was decades before I realized that even if my feet didn’t FEEL damp, that changing into new socks when I got inside after being in the cold would help my feet warm up more quickly and reduce the chances of chilblains..

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Dr. Meyerson is board certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery in both Orthopedic Surgery and in Sports Medicine. After receiving his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Columbia College, Dr. The Minnesota Vikings drafted Tarkenton in the third round of the 1961 NFL Draft from Georgia, and he was picked in the fifth round of the 1961 AFL Draft by the Boston Patriots. He signed with the Vikings. Tarkenton, 21, played his first National Football League game (and the Vikings first game) on Sept.

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