Clayton has maintained a class act on and off the

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Sue was very much not a work from home person. She works in project management, and when people ask me what that means I say that she manages projects. Or at least she did, some years ago. „I’ve never really said this out loud before, but I, I don’t know, because sometimes it can come off cocky saying you want to be the best, but I want to be one of the best women’s basketball players to ever play,“ Azzi says after a recent workout. „So I know that comes from a lot of hard work. Sometimes I do it a little begrudgingly, but I do it and most of the time I’m happy about it.“.

Clayton held his composure even after being booed loudly off the field in a game early on in 2010. I don’t have to tell you how often young men on the big stage in MLB, the NBA, or the NFL often behave exceedingly poorly. Clayton has maintained a class act on and off the field to date..

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