call to mind the season of giving

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wholesale jerseys Dennis Conner of Muncy removes frozen turkeys from boxes to be destributed during the turkey giveaway at the Newberry Church of Christ Thursday. Twice a month, the Central PA Food Bank distributes food to people in need at the church, but this month, 120 turkeys were part of the meal, thanks to Tony Ecker, owner of the Brickyard Restaurant Ale House.In Lycoming County, 12.7 percent of the population struggles with food insecurity, said Carla Fisher, communication and marketing director for the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank, 3301 Wahoo Drive. Of that percentage, 6,663 are children, 1,432 are seniors and 426 are military, according to statistics published by the Food Bank.The organization works with local pantries to feed those facing food insecurity year round and recently continued the annual tradition of partnering with the food pantry at Newberry Church of Christ to ensure everyone in the area can celebrate Thanksgiving Day with a turkey and all the to mind the season of giving, Fisher said, hunger doesn take a holiday. wholesale jerseys

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